4032 Expedition

September 20, 2005 - Tim wanted to recreate the photo of all five Cullinane children taken on top of 4032 back in 1970.  So all of his family and many of his friends went up to 4032 for photos, memory sharing, a cookout, a sleepover, and a great time.


The Five Cullinane Children 1970 - Pat, Margaret, Dan, Mary, and Tim

The Five Cullinane Children 2005

Pat, Margaret, Dan, Mary, and Tim

with Suzanne, Liam, Maura, Aiden, Kevin, Patricia, cousin Pat (Scout), Leon, and Papa Doug

getting organized?

Maura flying with cousin Pat

Maura flying solo

Tim and Suzanne roughed it in the back of the Murano.

who was suppose to set up the tent?

the ground has gotten much harder in the last 30 years!

is it morning yet?


sunrise from the top of 4032

Yes, I still know how to make a morning fire.

No, I wasn't playing with matches.

a happy crew around a warm fire

Kevin, PL, Dan, Leon, Tom, Scout, Don, Joe, Matt, Mary, ?, Kelly, Suzanne, and Jim

if we watch it, will the coffee be ready sooner?

Morning at 4032




Pappa Doug


Sue and Tommy

Sunrise at 4032

Tim and Sue

Tim and Mary