Within minutes of arriving, Pat and crew got to work on Tim's dining room addition project (#1 on a list of 144 items to be done.) Tim was everywhere supervising.


Stop taking pictures and get to work!

Tommer - is that your tongue you're sticking out at me? such attitude!

construction communication

the general contractor dictates from his throne

Tom measuring twice

Jim, are you sure you're measuring that correctly?

Don doing a little electrical work

Tom the electrician - "Don, not those two wires!"

Dan (it's a little scary!)

Tommy wiring the shed


...and more attitude!

within 24 hours of the crew's arrival - pretty impressive!

Tom - a man of many skills

Kevin keeping the jobsite in order

coming in from a hard day's work

is the cement dry yet?

Tim and Tom

Pat's better side

Jim supervising Pat

Pat tiling the tub (or is it a pool?)

never ask a construction worker to pose - you just get more attitude!

Jim Pat and Tom

beautiful siding!

Tom - hard at work and...

hardy working!