More Friends and Family


Tim's family and friends gather round to celebrate his life.

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Pat & Ginny Mom

Cousin Tom and niece Maura

Tim finds a faster way to get around

Pat & Joanne Neumayer (wild woman!)

Brother-in-law Leon and nephew Aiden

a stroll in the woods (Mary, Leon, Aiden)

cousin Pat (Scout)

Tim visit with Cheryl Neidig

Biggie (nephew Aiden)

Tim supervising from the chair

Dr. Mary takes a break

visiting with dear friend Kelly Kingsland

husband and wife oversee the work together

Biggie goes for a ride

Margaret with her daughter, Maura, and son, Liam

a group hug - Suz, Tim & Tom (Tommer - adopted son!)

hangin' out watching old movies

Baltimore nurse Beth and her sister Laura

Liam, Aiden, Marg, Maura and Tim

Liam, Tim, Maura

Tim and Maura

a little advertising for Kevin & Patricia's school

Tim and Tom

a gathering place for meals

Biggie with a special find

too cute!

Marg takes Liam and Maura for a ride

in the evenings we gathered around the fire to visit

Judith and Brian Regehr

Leon, Mary, Tom

Tom & Suzanne

Leon & Mary through the smoke

campfire gathering

Tom & Mary

a quiet moment for visiting

Mary, Dan, Tim, Margaret, Pat

Cousin Tom and Suzanne

Tom(mer), Jillie Bean, Tom, Suzanne

Jim Neumayer unloads firewood

Maura and Liam in Ginny's golf cart

Dan pretending to cook

Leon actually cooking

candlelight dinners in the great outdoors

Leon, Tom, Dan

Pat, Kerry, Tom, and Don Trosset

Pat, Kerry, cousin PL, Don Trosset

Aiden gets to visit neighbor Larry's sheep

Larry, his son Bo, Aiden, and sheep

Don and Tim going over construction progress

Mary and Maura

Dan & Kerry on top of 4032

out of control!

Dan (he's definately up to something!)

Who, me?

Suzanne, Laura, Tim, Beth, and baby

Maura, Tom, Joelene Neumayer, Suzanne, The Dirks (Lisa, Ivy & Doug), and Pat

Pat, Kerry, Tim, and Laura

Laura, Mary, Leon, Beth, Dan

Tim & Tom

Mary, Margaret, Tim, Joe Neumayer,Doug Dirk, Tom's back

Tim & Suz with wedding gift from Matt Hubbel

Pat & Kerry share a quiet moment