Date : 25 March 2006
Lynne Dowdy

I am so blessed to have known Tim. I knew he was a special person from the first day I cared for him at Hopkins. He was so good at his craft. I was amazed at his craftmanship at my home in Baltimore and then after I married and moved to Illinois. He built us a wonderful deck that I always enjoyed, mostly because it was crafted by Tim. We have since moved to Houston, but I have pictures that will help my memories last forever. Praie God in that I know I will see Tim again in Heaven.
Date : 24 March 2006
ginny massey

i hope this works now - so many folks have asked me why they are unable to add to this guestbook -
Date : 2 March 2006
Ruth Blunk (The Mother-in-Law)

I never knew Tim and Suzanne had a "relationship" until I received a telephone call from Tim. He was calling "to ask permission" to marry my daughter! I told him that I really didn't know him, but I knew a lot of people who did, and I probably could get a "good" report, so I said "YES". We then had to plan for a meeting...when and where. Tim was in Tennessee and Suzanne was in Hawaii, so they planned to meet in California and I would pick them up at the LA airport. Tim came in first and I had no trouble recognizing him...such beautiful blue eyes and enchanting smile! Suzanne was due to arrive about 30 minutes later, so Tim and I had a great visit...something I will always remember and treasure.
Date : 1 January 2006
Tamatha Psenka

I have just learned of Tim's death from his wife. I am so very sorry for everyone's loss. On my brief encounter with Tim during his anesthesia screen before surgery in SC, I was struck by Tim's determination, his appreciation of family, and his obvious deep love of his wife. We briefly talked about the mountains of Idaho and how family is the best medicine there is. Again I am so very sorry for your loss. From a brief encounter, it was obvious that you were such a special part of Tim's life. Thank you for telling me about this website. I hope you all continue to find strength in each other. With deepest sympathy and best regards, Tam
Date : 16 December 2005
ginny massey

tim's tree, first brightly lit for idaho friends and family, brightly lit this winter by a loving brother -
Date : 15 December 2005
Cheryl & Bob Neidig

We were privileged to know and love Tim and to spend that time with him to say goodbye. He was such a special spirit and he will be missed by many!
Date : 28 November 2005
Cheryl and Bob Neidig

We are so happy to see this website. We read Dan's blog after we arrived home from Idaho and it was great to follow what was happening. It was like we were still there! We think of Tim often and miss him. He was so very special to us and touched many of us with his ways. Love to all!!
Date : 27 November 2005
poppadoug massey

Tims spirit lives in the wood of north idaho.every tree,like a block of marble to a sculpter,has sawdust concealing a work of just needs to be brushed away,and what's left behind is a beauty to behold. to say that tim was an artist is to say way too little.tims talents were amount of "teaching" could create a man of such wonder.i was forever profoundly humbled in his presence when he was working with wood.oft times i thought how truly lucky i was to be there to watch him create all manner of masterpieces out of ordinary planks.soon i'll be making a piece of furniture to be put in their me,there can be no greater honor than to be able to gladly and humbly work in the masters shadow.
Date : 14 November 2005
Linda Alt

Tim was a very special person who is missed by many people. Would that we all can be so courageous if we have to face even a small part of what he did all those years. Our prayers have been with his family and we continue to remember him and them.
Date : 10 November 2005
Tom Bracken

This is my first visit to the site. I'll bet Tim never thought that he'd have his own website. I think there should be a link to Tool Crib of the North. He'd find that most useful.
Date : 8 November 2005
patrick cullinane

amazing that a month has come and gone....i am still working on the house as often as i can and am constantly reminded of Tim and who and what he was. it does not seem real yet
Date : 7 November 2005
Matt Drake

Thank you for doing this, what a great idea. I've been sharing Tim's story with friends for about 20 years, always with the point that I never knew anyone more courageuos, or gracious in the face of such tremendous setbacks, as Tim. And somehow, he always made me feel like I was the special one, know what I mean? He had such acceptance for everyone around him, I suspect he made everyone feel special. What a gift. Thanks Tim for everything you taught me. You are the closest thing I ever had to a big brother. Miss you buddy.
Date : 3 November 2005
kelly kingsland

hi all I was just reflecting this morning on my time in bonners recently with Tim and family. I'm grateful to all who participated. Just thought I'd touch base love, kelly
Date : 31 October 2005
ginny massey

tim is my firstborn son - i believe he is the most courageous spirit i will ever touch - i am so grateful to have known him for 45 years...
Date : 30 October 2005
mary duran

Great site, thanks to all who have provided this!
Date : 24 October 2005
Steve Blunk

We had a small problem with the web site this week and lost some entries in the guestbook. We have corrected the problem and I hope we will not loose any of your comments in the future. I feel bad that your special words can't be recovered.
Date : 15 October 2005
Steve Blunk

I'm so glad to be apart of creating I can see Tim being fully amazed and saying how can you do this?
Date : 6 October 2005